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Test Centre

Trinox test centre where conceived as a convenient and ideal setting not to only see but actually use our machinery, test your products and ensure our solutions meet your expectations.

Each visit is tailored to your personal needs, our factory trained representatives are available to discuss specific applications, offer training and provide necessary expertise.

Slicing & Dicing

EMURA, leads the industry in the production of vegetable and meat cutting machine. The machines have been widely used in various fields, such as fresh cut industry, vegetable processing factory, central kitchen, commercial restaurant, catering services and others.

This model, ECD-702 slicer can do various processing, such as
slicing, shredding and dicing by using various disk cutter.
– A digital display panel allows easy setting of material
thickness to be cut
– A numbers of safety inter-lock devices are incorporated
– Allows thoroughly wash-down by removing the conveyor
belt, mouth frame and roller using tool-free.

This model, DC-203 dicer is designed to cut fruit, vegetable and meat into diced product with one integrated operation. Our sharp knives enable a process where the product is always cut, but never crushed, producing fresh looking dice with minimum cell damage.


ASAHI, offers a wide range of cutting machine for seafood, meat and vegetable industry.

This model, MK-A6 multi-purpose slicer momentarily cuts product with excellent sharpness thanks to the special treated multi-layered blades.
– One touch detachable mechanism allows detachment of parts without tools.


OLD RIVERS, has actively pioneered markets with its outstanding technology and know-how.

This model, FF-220N comes with 8 stations to fulfill different packaging requirement. Namely, pre-made pouch, standup pouch, pouch with zipper, solid and liquid filling, date coding, squeezing and de-airing function, sealing and cooling.
– All gripper width can be simultaneously change by one
switch, saving operator time and effort when changing
different bag sizes.
– Packing speed of 15-50ppm.


Gruppo Fabbri, a leading international industrial company involved in the manufacturing and sale of machines and films for food packaging.

This model, Elixa Mega is a wrapping machine designed for medium and large size packaging centers and retail outlets and is unsurpassed both in term of performance as well as size and simplicity of use.
– Automatic reading of the dimension of the tray. No action is
required by the operator for format change
– Integration with the most common automatic weight-price labeling devices.
– Up to 35 packages a minute


STERITECH, offers the faster and most economical sterilization and pasteurization on the markets.

This model, steam/air retort designed to sterilize and pasteurize all types of packaged products; meats and sausages, baby foods, ready-to-serve dishes, fruits and vegetables, animal foods….

Particularly suitable for all foods in flexible and fragile packaging, our steam/air technology show lower consumption by 30% than traditional water run-off and immersion retort , with a cycle time reduced by over 25%.